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Descriptions and pictures of each of our top quality, high color bloodlines.
Listing of bearded dragons currently available and what is coming available soon.

Vision Cages
Top quality cages for bearded dragons, lizards, snakes, etc. Great value from the best cage manufacturer in the industry.
Innovative, cost effective caging solution for personal and commercial use! These cages are a revolution in the reptile cage industry.
Solarmeter 6.2: UVB Meter
Extremely important to have for all reptile owners!  Test your lights yourself and know for sure when they need to be replaced as well as which brand puts of the MOST UVB!!!
Absolute Calcium
The best calcium supplement made of all natural, easily absorbable high quality natural ingredients.
Keep your bearded dragon Parasite free and healthy by treating monthly.  This method is much safer and less expensive than costly visits to the vet and harsh medications.  Proven natural ingredients clean your pet's digestive track gently, and gives them back their healthy appetite.





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