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1. Vaginal Cream & Pain Spray All-Natural Herbal Products
Get fast relief from feminine vaginal dryness, back pain, joint pain, allergies and more with our all-natural herbal products.

2. Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY - Holistic Health
Find local resources for Holistic Health, Alternative Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture, Day Spa, Massage, Metaphysics and Conscious Living. The oldest and largest on the net.

3. Detox 4 Vitality
Ionic foot bath detox.

4. Healing Power Meditations
Meditations for Cancer Recovery, Cardiac Relaxation, and Rehabilitation- for pain reduction and relaxation, are available in CD and cassette format. Meditations contain guided imagery, progressive relaxation, breathe work, illness specific images, po

5. FrequenSea with Marine PhytoPlankton
Experts comfirm amazing health results from Marine phytoplankton, the oldest and most complete food on the planet.

6. Alternative Health Modalities That Work,
Alternative Health resources and programs regarding selective alternative health modalities including organic whole food nutritional supplements; nutraceuticals; angstrom-sized water-soluble ionic minerals; and organic essential oils.

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