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I got my baby dragon on Tuesday, and as you guaranteed, she was happy and healthy. I was impressed at how mild tempered she was, even after a long trip like that!!! She let my pick her up, and wasn't scared of me at all, unlike beardie babies that pet stores try to sell. She also eats very well!! Thanks so much, she's very pretty. I'll be ordering from you again!


Hi John,

The Beardies are doing great. They are eating and are just great. Thank you



hi just thought a would let you know the three snows I bought are doing great!  I love them the male is 13 inch even with the tail nip and over 112 grams. he is so tame...will eat out of your hand. I can't thank you enough for breeding such high quality animals. thank you again


The dragons looked very nice, even after a long trip. They were also very active, which is also unusual after a long trip. They are set up, and in a 20 gallon tank together, for the first month. Then they will be moved.

As O now I am very please with Dragons, the way they were shipped, and you as a person. I am a pretty good judge of character, and was impressed by the way you handled everything.

Hey, the dragons should be great, I expect these three, to have a lot of potential, and I am thrilled to have more reds, that are totally different, and from different stock than what I already have. I need to start selling instead of keep buying. Yet How could I pass these up!

Thanks Again


Bruce K.

Dear John,
Thank you so much for having sent little Fred. He is alive and doing
well. He arrived this morning at 11am sharp. You have been a pleasure to
work with. If only more people were like you.
Thanks ever so much & take care,

Hey John, Just emailing you to let you know I received the dragon today. He is very beautiful & healthy. Thank you so much. I will be in touch with you when I want to get the snow dragon. Thank you again.

Gary A.

Hi John, She just finished shedding and looks great. Could you let me know where her parents came from? I just don't want to be breeding her with anyone to closely related. I will be building her new tank today so she will be living large by tonight. She is currently sharing a tank with my a baby male who is the same size but I am worried about nips. I do like your lemon fire dragons but I just bought a nice female yellow a month ago. I check your website a lot so I am sure to be buying off you again soon. Thanks again.....Russ

Hey John,

She's arrived and she's beautiful and soooo red! She ate well soon after she arrived. I put her in with the other 2 babies. She is smaller. She is keeping a few inches away from them. They are ignoring her. I will watch them for a few days and if necessary, get her her own tank. I think she may do fine though. Thanks so much again! Btw, do you have photos of her parents online? Thanks...Kim


She is beautiful! Arrived in great condition. I can't believe how cute she is. I am sorry I bought her for a friend.



I got him and he's beautiful. Can you please give me his date of hatching? Thanks so much.


update:  John,

just want you to know 2 1/2 weeks later the Red male is beautiful and healthy. Such a joy. Thanks for providing great service with a great animal!!!


He's perfect! :) He was a little cold, and a tad dehydrated, but I fixed that right away and he perked right up. He's got a lot of friendly personality, he wouldn't let me put him down! He took water and a couple crickets just fine. And he's absolutely beautiful. :)

Thank you!



I received the blood girl -very nice and in excellent condition (feel free to use my comment for your website). I noticed you had a couple of Leucistic crosses planned. Do you have anything available now or in the immediate future? I am looking for a nice Het (or even Leucistic) female to go with my Het male.




The dragons arrived this morning and they are beautiful.  I have them all set up in their new enclosure and they are loving it.   I threw some mixed greens in for them and they started eating all ready.  thanks a lot.  please let me know when you have new offspring. thanks again.


I received my dragon this morning and I am very happy with him.  He is doing well in his new home.

Thanks very much,


I enjoyed doing business with you and I am even happier now that I have my dragons. They are both sitting here taking a short bath before going into their new home. I am perfectly happy with them and I cant wait to see their color develop. Thanks again!


I did receive the dragons right on time. The two look great and are eating like champs. I am still looking for a good leucistic pair. Keep me in mind if you happen to come across any. Thank you very much.


The bearded dragon made it here today.  I have been out of town today and just got home, so I only got a quick peak at him.  He looks good so far.  Please let me know when you get other nice dragons for sale.  I am just starting to build up my collection and I really like all your dragons.  There are only a few others on the web that I would consider buying from and I think you have named most of them already.  Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase some of your bloodline,




The  little kids arrived safely…immediately ate several small superworms, chasing them around.  Thanks for such quick and safe arrival.  I can tell they are used to human contact.  They have not been afraid at all and like to sit on me and hold onto my hand when I try to put them down.  




I just got them and put them in their new home. One of them ate crickets 5 minutes after I put him in so that was great and all of them were drinking. Thanks again for all your help and do keep me posted on your blood and sunburst dragons! thanks again. and have a great day.


















































































































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