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We guarantee live delivery of every bearded dragon sold!  We ship using either UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, or USPS overnight delivery.  We guarantee that the dragon you receive is in good health as long as you are there to accept the package on the first delivery attempt.  We guarantee that they are eating well and appear outwardly healthy upon shipment.  This is the best guarantee available and takes all the worry out of purchasing a bearded dragon directly from a breeder.  Please help us stop the animal abuse which occurs at local pet stores around the country because of untrained employees and substandard lighting for reptiles.  I have witnessed many very sad instances of malnourished or even dead bearded dragons in the cage at the pet store and the workers say it's healthy.  By purchasing directly from a breeder you assure that your bearded dragon lives in the highest quality environment from the UV Lights to adequate dietary supplementation.  I spend a lot of money to assure that our bearded dragons will grow into healthy adults.  Sex is a best guess on babies and juveniles and not guaranteed unless stated.  Keep in mind that we are 95% accurate in sexing young dragons, but every once in a while there are dragons that surprises us and develops late.  With adults the sex is always guaranteed.  Should some unforeseen circumstances occur notify us within 24 hours of delivery. Notify us immediately if there is a problem.  If notification does not occur within a timely manner after delivery it will be at our discretion to decide how to resolve the issue. We ship using professional packing materials, including heat packs or cold packs depending on the weather.  Terms are subject to change without prior notice.  No stated or implied guarantee other than written guarantee above.  No returns or refunds.  Please see Shipping info by clicking the link below.

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