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Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons are becoming the most popular exotic pet to have in the 21st century!  They are very interactive and love attention from humans.  Bearded dragons are great pets for adults or children, and are often used in schools as class pets.  A Bearded dragon takes up much less space than a dog or cat and is much less messy.  Have a look around and see what everyone is raving about!

We are private breeders of bearded dragons. We offer bearded dragons for sale year round. Choosing to buy directly from a breeder assures you get a top quality, healthy, high color bearded dragon. Check out our free care sheet for some basic husbandry information.

We offer many different color morphs of bearded dragons including: Red, LemonFire, OrangeFire, Leucistic, and Snow. Visit our available dragons page to see Bearded Dragons for Sale.




bearded dragons for sale

bearded dragon breeders

Bearded Dragon Breeders is a breeder of high quality bearded dragons located in Central Washington state. Here at we work very hard to assure that each of our bearded dragons are cared for with loving hands so that they are used to being around people. All of our bearded dragons are captive breed and not imported from another country. We handle our babies every day to assure they are very tame and used to being handled and played with. We take every precaution to assure the well-being and happiness as well as the health of all our bearded dragons. The bearded dragons we are currently producing are a product of crossing the best of the best stock available. You won't find more colorful and healthy bearded dragons anywhere! is a full member of the bearded dragon network and is breeding bearded dragons in compliance with all of their guidelines.






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Our Mission

To become the leading provider of high quality bearded dragon color morphs and related supplies.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal and first priority.

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You can securely make your purchase online with our shopping cart feature.  Paypal handles all our online transactions and is the leader in ironclad security on the Internet.  Now you are not required to become a paypal member to send payments!  It is quick easy and most of all 100% secure.  Feel free to email me anytime, or call between the hours of 8am and 10pm pacific.

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John Melnick
       PO BOX 11151
District of Columbia, WA 20005
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